Resilience:  How can we promote it within ourselves and others? Dr Lucy Hone

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Resilience is a frequently used, but in reality little understood term. Dr Lucy Hone has made it her mission over the last ten years to understand resilience – what it means, who has it, what enables it and prevents it. In this lively Keynote presentation Dr Hone shares her extensive research on the topic, combining her academic knowledge with personal insights gleaned from living through the Christchurch earthquakes and personal loss. Lucy’s talk is inspirational, insightful and above all practical as she translates key research findings for real world impact.

Her TED talk can be viewed here:

Dr Lucy Hone is a director of the NZ Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience and a senior adjunct professor at Canterbury University. She’s had her work published internationally in several leading academic journals. She is asked to write regularly for publications such as Next Magazine and Psychology Today on resilience and wellbeing. Most of her time is taken up working with schools, organisations and community groups to help them understand wellbeing and resilience and the complexities of promoting these two capabilities, so fundamental for thriving in the 21st century.